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First and foremost, I want to show my gratitude to Allah SWT because of His blessing and will, we get to meet and have chances to carry out the trust given.

Majlis Perbandaran Manjung (MPM) acts as an urban manager which administering all municipal affairs such as provision of public facilities, licensing and hygiene, as an urban planner planning urban development and as an urban regulator which enforces the law. Accordingly, as a new appointed leader of the MPM leadership starting from 1 Mac 2019, I am committed to ensure that all the responsibilities handed to me are well implemented.

On this occasion, I seek constant support, cooperation and ideas from all parties as in the past leadership to strengthen the MPM management system and developed the Manjung municipality.

The necessary support forms from the Manjung District Departments, private parties, especially developers, contractors, investors, non-governmental organizations, community leaders and local communities to together planning and driving the development of the Manjung municipal area, joining sociocultural affairs programs that was carried out, performing responsibilities as taxpayers, always complying with the laws and regulations designated by MPM, maintaining the cleanliness of the urban environment, respecting public property and submitting quality proposals and views especially regarding the quality of the delivery system of MPM services to the public.

With the optimum involvement of all parties, hopefully all MPM's plans this year and next year will be successfully implemented and Manjung municipalities community lives in abundance of well-being, always united and harmonious.


Thank you.


Yang Dipertua,
Manjung Municipal Council.